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We are the First Indian Manufacturer Who Extract Stevia

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Nutrizo Advancis HealthCare Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing & Supplying finest and rarest quality of Herbal Extracts, Fruit Powder, Fruit Pulp and Sugar Free extracts that synergistically combine the ancient wisdom of India with the modern production and QC methods .

Our state-of-the-art production facility provides a full range of procurement solutions and extraction services to the Nutriceutical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, Food and Beverage industries.

All products which are offering, set the highest standards for identity, purity, strength, and composition. We provide our customers and business partners with the ingredients, services and support they need to create new, novel and effective formulations. We pride ourselves in our ability to combine robust science with commercial acumen with a goal to create life-enhancing natural ingredients that meet consumer demands for healthy living.

We continuously update our laboratory and manufacturing capabilities to keep pace with technological advancements. State-of-the-art instrumentation combined with qualified technical staff assures quality and consistency in every batch of the product delivered.

We are young and dynamic stevia manufacturers in India providing the best sugar alternative to all the health and fitness conscious people out there. We have committed to providing a range of stevia products by expanding our business parallel and providing quality products to users.

We are targeting pioneering in the manufacturing of India’s best product that is a credible and healthy alternative to sugar and also extracting the high-quality natural sweetener.

We are aiming towards manufacturing a world-class sugar substitute and are geared to control the supply chain and cost of the product tightly with the high-end manufacturing process and highly convenient packaging for the range of products. Vast spectrums of advantages are associated with the use of Steviol glycosides and we aim in providing the same to the customers.

The production process consists of extensive research and development and using advanced technologies in providing users with intelligent solutions to their sugar-related problems and helps our customers towards sustainable and healthy growth.

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Our Factory

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  • Nutrizo Advancis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is the Manufacturer of the finest and rarest quality of Herbal Extract, Fruit Powder, Pulp and Sugar-Free Extracts.
  • Our Factory is nearby from Ahmedabad which makes the place easily accessible and making transportation easier.
  • Since the inception of the factory, the layout is planned to co-ordinate the interrelationship amongst the various equipment, personnel, and departments.
  • The factory building is backed with in-house Research and Development centre making the manufacturing process more advanced and environment-friendly.
  • The manufacturing process consists of the process of extracting Steviol glycosides from organically grown stevia leaves – all under one roof.
  • There is a minimum discomfort among the workers for manufacturing and storage of product and all activities are supervised, coordinated and controlled efficiently.
  • The machinery is specifically designed for manufacturing stevia-based products with a production capacity of 3 MT per day across various categories.
  • The factory building is safeguarded against the moisture, fire and regular deterioration with the safe manufacturing and adequate storage.